Member(s) Spotlight- Lori and Michelle!

These gals are sisters and wanted to make a commitment to staying healthy. AND they crack us coaches up!!

Michelle and Lori joined after a friend, neighbor and current Edge Body member told them they needed to try it. Lori had been a member at the YMCA and struggled with finding the motivation to make herself go and do her own workouts. Michelle had also struggled with workout motivation and had never really done any sort of strength training. They also said, that their other friends were skeptical about their success. “Ha there’s no way you can stick to something like that”, their friends would say. And here they are over a year later, still going strong!

What I love about these sisters is there commitment to the process, to the journey. Not focusing too much on the end game. They came in and took class one day at a time. Some being harder than others, but they stuck with it. Michelle and Lori also kept an open mind about where their fitness level was at when they started. They knew that some things would be hard at first, but they were always open to try. Easiest way to improve is to allow yourself to try, like these ladies did. AND they pushed and encouraged each other. Not letting the other slip or miss a class, even when they really wanted to! 

I remember their first week and them glaring at me when I asked them to do wall balls. LOL. Now, I see them hitting the 9-foot orange line with almost every throw. A HUGE improvement from that first week. It is so great to see them conquering other exercises in the gym as well, like box jumps and grabbing heavier weights even when they aren’t sure if they can do it. 

I could never do their story justice, so I will let them tell it. Take a look at the above video to hear just how much they have improved. Love these ladies and couldn’t imagine class without them. SO proud of these gym sisters!!!

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