Member(s) Spotlight- Micah and BB Hess

These 2!! 

Micah joined first and BB joined a couple months later. They don’t always make it to class together, but they were wanting to get back into a routine with their fitness. That’s when they called us.

When they do workout together they have a silent compeition going on, which cracks us up!

Like other couples, sometimes workout is your “me” time. But I love that these guys help hold each other accoutable to make it to the gym, even when they don’t come to the same class time. 

Micah and BB have improved so much in the workouts and even when BB gives me dirty looks (LOL), they always work hard to finish a workout. Form in the movements gets better each class and they are getting stronger each day. Plus they are just fun people. Always ready for a good time, which makes the class fun to coach when they are there. 

It is great to see people pushing themselves, simply to live healthier. Love these two!! you guys deserve it 🙂

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