Member(s) Spotlight- The Bowesesessss (aka Matt and Sarah Bowes)

First off what I love about these two is their banter back and forth when they do work out together! Which as you can tell in their video was one goal of joining the gym, but they still get in their “me” time by coming to different class times depending on their schedule. 

This member(s) shout-out is for so many reasons. These two are A) Awesome! but B) have ywo completely different goals. But the support is there for each other (and making fun of each other too don’t worry lol). They help each other stay consistent and bring their healthy habits back home to their two boys. Oh and they are just amazing humans. Smiling and chatting with other members and staff all the time. 

Matt wanted to increase strength and performance not only for his job as a firefighter, but also to obtain optimal health for his family. Sarah was wanting to lose a few pounds and to gain some strength/confidence to see what her body was truly capable of.  These guys work so hard and are staples at the gym! Consistency is key and that’s how these two are able to keep improving day in and day out. But don’t just take my word for it- check our their story directly from them and watch the video above!

(**Shortly after this video was taken Sarah suffered a hip injury wake boarding! We miss her and can’t wait to have her back in class and wishing her a speedy recovery in PT. Until then I guess Matt will do LOL. JK… We love you both!)

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