Member(s) Spotlight- the ladies of 7:30pm!!

Sue Stickney, Carrie Geis, Becky Gibbs and Jamie Sims (don’t worry Kyle- I’m coming for you next!!)

These gals work their butts off each and every class, even if they throw a little sarcasm at the coaches depending on what the workout is. 🙂 (Although, this isn’t reserved to just 7:30pm class LOL)

These ladies all have their own goals and their own hurddles that they are fighting against, but they keep pushing each day. Whether it be working through some previous injury limitations, fibromyalgia, or even finding time to make exercise a priority (like making the decision to drop cable to invest in your health instead!!), these ladies are up to the challenge. 7:30pm is notoriously a small class, as it’s not a time that works for everyone. So the group checks-in with each other when they don’t see someone. They are the perfect example of how beneficial it can be to have people there to hold you accountable and support you in your journey. 

Joining a gym can definitely be intimidating and so finding someone to bond with can make all the difference. It is great to hear about the comraderie they have for each other and how welcoming the class is to other members who pop into 7:30pm. I also love hearing about all the progress each of you is making, whether it be weight loss or improved strength. Keep up all the hard work- you gals rock!!!!

Here they are pictured above going to town on some air dyne sprints!

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