Member(s) Spotlight- Tony & Kasi Farias

Tony & Kasi!

These two hit the ground running in the evening classes and seem like they have been a staple in our community forever even though they just recently joined back in September. There they were, day after day, showing up and putting in the work. Laughing and chatting with members. Such awesome additions to our Edge fit fam!!

Super cheery and ready to do work! Can’t imagine the 5:30pm class without them! (Pictured above, Kasi is making sure that Tony rows exactly 100 in row bowling so they don’t have to do too many box jumps LOL)

Big strength improvements already and they are constantly challenging themselves to try new things and heavier weights. Plus, they are just awesome people!! Seriously guys, we love you both!! Keep rocking out 2018 and shoot for your goals in 2019!!! You both are amazing!

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