Movement Tip Series: Cleaning up that KB Swing!!

The KB swing is an amazing exercise that we should all be doing! However, like any other hip power movement, technique is key to activating the proper muscle groups. We want that power to come from the hips, glutes and hamstrings, not from our upper body. AND we certainly don’t want to be feeling that swing in our low backs. 

Here are some tips to help you clean-up your swing in your next workout. 
1. Work on perfecting that “hinge”- Try a couple different progressions that go from holding the KB against your chest, to a low swing, all the way to a full american swing overhead. This will allow you to really learn the hinge movement (which is the basis of the swing) and not let your upper body get in the way. 
2. Just starting out or need some help with your hip drive to progress in weight? Start doing short-arm progressions. This allows you to keep the KB close to the center of the body and work on increasing hip speed during each swing. The greater your hip speed = the more force you will produce to swing a heavier bell. 
3. Have that hip hinge down and ready for more? Progress up to a long-arm version of any swing. This will need a little more coordination and bigger hip drive, resulting in a good challenge once you’ve mastered the first 2 steps. 

The above video takes you through full demonstration and description of all 3 tips!!

Want more info on the full swing?? Check-out my previous KB swing movement tip video HERE. This will take you through the basics and benefits of the movement. 

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