Movement Tip Series- How to Brace your Core

Squeeze your abs! Tighten that core!

You’ve heard your trainer or coach yell this out during a class or personal trainer session. But what does this mean??

Keeping a neutral spine is so important to prevent injuries from occuring in the gym and promote movement longevity. Every time you lift or perform an exercise you should always go through a series of movements to “brace” your upper and lower body to ensure that you have engaged your core properly and secure that neutral spine. Then the trick is to maintain this position as you move. Having difficulty?? Don’t worry, this is not easy at first but so worth it in the long run. So keep practicing!! Moving in a proper position multiple times is what creates good movement patterns for all exercises in the gym AND in daily life. 

Watch the above video for tips on how to brace your core and keep it enaged for different movements!

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