Movement Tip Series- How to Perform a Lunge

Lunges!!! Love them! However, if you grew up as an athlete, you probably had to do tons of these at practice and don’t have fond memories of them. Well hopefully this video can help change that!

Lunges are a fantastic movement to target your leg muscles. They can be a great option to deload your back (spine) and improve balance as you work on your lower body strength. Here are some tips to help keep you moving correctly the next time you have lunges in a workout:

1. Start in place before you walk with them- Stand with feet hip width apart and step forward. Then drop your back knee towards the ground stopping right before it touches, or lightly touching the ground. Keep chest up and abs tight. 

2. Avoid the sobriety test- Make sure to stay balanced and NOT step one foot right in front of the other. This can cause balance issues for even the most advanced athlete. 

2. Don’t “lunge” forward- This is the tricky part due to the exercise’s name. In the bottom of the lunge your knee should be in-line with your ankle. Avoid lunging forward with your knee over or in front of your toes. This can be hard on your knee.

3. Push through your heel- To finish the movment, push up through your heel in one strong movement. Repeat with the other leg. 


These tips will help keep you safe in any of the lunge variations we may throw at you in the workouts. Watch the above video for more detailed exercise demonstrations. I have included several different lunge variations and modifications in the video!!

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