Movement Tip Series- How to perform a stone throw

Such a great movement- but can seem tricky when you first try it!

 Here are some tips to help with this total body power movement:

1. Wide stance and wrap those hands underneathe the slam ball. We want to get a good base so our legs are in the proper position to do the lifting. Keep back nice and flat.
2. Keep shoulders above the hips as you drive up. Similar to ball slams or a jump, we are wanting to get to full hip extension and use that power to lift this ball. Not picking the ball up with our arms. 
3. The quicker you can drive those hips, the better. Just like a box jump or KB swing, we want good acceleration through the hips. This is what gives us the power to move that stone off the ground and toss it over our shoulder. 
4. Start off light as you are learning proper technique, but add weight once you can move well. The stone throw should be moving a heavy weight off the ground. Our hips are stronger than you think! So don’t be afraid to challenge yourself with weight, so you truly get everything out of this movement and challenge your hip power. 

Learning how to activate your hips properly will change the way you view so many functional movements. Can’t wait to see you try these the next time you’re in class!!

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