Movement Tip Series- How to Perform a Turkish Get-up

If you haven’t done these- you need to!!! And if you are an Edge Body member you may have a love/hate relationship with these. 🙂

What are these good for? What muscle groups do they work? One thing we can all agree on, is that the Get-up is a difficult movement, but as coaches we often get those questions. Next time you are around a young baby learning to crawl and then walk, pay attention to their movement. Does it look familiar? Well it should! They are essentially performing a Turkish Get-up. This movement not only is essential for motor development in infants as they learn to activate and move their bodies, but it provides adults the chance to work on the following:

1. Upper and lower body stabilization
2. Balance
3. Promotes spatial awareness
4. Upper body, trunk and hip strength
5. Promotoes cross lateralization (cross lateral what?!?! Basically getting both sides of your brain to communicate and work together.) 

In other words? This is a great exercise that gets your entire body and mind involved. You may feel sore in places you didn’t know you had after performing this exercise in a workout. Just like a baby learning to stand, this movement should be done slow and controlled hitting each step or position, one by one, never rushing. The video above will take you through each step and describe what every part of your body should be doing. Sometimes, learning something new can be frustrating, so this video can give you a little more time to watch the movement so you will be ready to go the next time we are doing them in class. Plus, I also discuss what weight to start with and how to progress once you get stronger. And stronger you will become!!! Just takes a little practice. 🙂 

Now let’s grab a weight and get going!



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