Muscle Failure – At Home & On the Go Workout Series | Edge Body Boot Camp Omaha

The title explains it all!

This workout is going to challenge similar muscle groups as you work to get as many reps as possible. 

We aren’t always in a location where we have access to a gym or weights, so we have to get a little creative with bodyweight exercises to get in a workout that challenges us. Sometimes, just getting in some movement during a vacation is all you need to keep your sanity and feel like you’re not losing everything you’ve gained in the gym. 

So next time you can’t make it to class or you’re out of town, try this one!!

Each exercise is performed for a minute straight to accumulate as many reps as you can. Once that minute is up you immediately move on to the next exercise listed. Once you have completed the full list of exercises, you will rest 1 minute. Repeat a minimum of 3x, 4-5 is the challenge! Watch the above video for full workout explanation and exercise demonstration. 

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