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Who benefits most from yoga? Better question is, who wouldn’t?   We could all use some extra time working on our mobility and what a better way to do that than yoga?

Increased mobility provides you with the foundations for lifting heavier weights, improving your running and balance, creating healthier joints as well as an overall improvement in your quality of life.  Many aspects of yoga can translate into increased performance and better results from your hard work at Edge Body Boot Camp.  Not to mention, it will give you some much needed “down time” and recovery.

Vinyasa yoga will take you through a series of poses linking movement with your breath. Foundational movements will be broken down to ensure proper alignment, improved mobility, and a bit of stress relief all while providing a challenging and fun class.

This type of yoga brings awareness to your breath and you will learn how to get into a rhythm with your breathing that can help you get through those amazing workouts with 175 box jumps. Focusing on your breathing pattern will also help you in your strength workouts as breathing deeply from the diaphragm can help you push through that sticking point on your heavy lifts, pushing your one rep max even higher.

Balance is also an essential part of yoga and it is also something many of us take for granted.  Many postures performed in yoga require balance, which requires core stability.  Increased core stability translates to stronger lifts, especially when talking about over head presses and front squats. While we may not spend much time standing on one leg in a normal day, having good balance is key to avoiding falls, which often lead to bigger issues.  

Yoga is not only beneficial for your body but it is also good for your mind.  Often times we rush from work into a class at Edge Body, get a great workout and then turn around and rush out.  This gives us some relaxation time to quiet our minds.  In this world of endless stimulation, even just a few moments of stillness are beneficial for your mind.  

Practicing yoga will provide you with rejuvenation that will equip you with the chance to recharge for your busy lives and conquer your next workout.

Yoga is coming to Edge!! Sunday, July 9th – Sunday, August 13th: 2:15 – 3:15 pm


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