Surprise Spotlight- Rob Henry

This spotlight is a little different this week. This one goes out to the man behind the scenes at Edge Body… Rob (or as Joy calls him, Bobby). 

I have speant my whole professional life trying to be the pillar of motivation for others. Trying to show people that someone believes in them and believes in their goals just as much as they do. I do this for the simple fact that we all need people or at least someone who supports us in our journey, whatever that journey may be. 

Sitting in exercise science classes at 18, I always knew that this is where I belonged. That coaching health is what I was meant to do. Opening my own strength and consitioning gym was always a part of the bigger picture for me. I had always envisioned myself doing that. Life doesn’t always take you in a straight path though. There are ups and downs and jobs you have to take to get yourself in a position to go after your dream; your passion. So there I was in 2014, newly married, and realizing that I was at that crossroad. Is this the time to go for it? I said one sentence to Rob and that was it, everything was set in motion after that. (For the record, I think my exact sentence was, “Hey did you know my dream has always been to own a gym?” lol)

Rob has been there every step of the way supporting me so that I can live out my dream and help as many people as possible. Whether it’s been doing the books for the business or helping me run facebook ads etc. He’s always been there to lend a hand or help out with brainstorms sessions about growing the business. Oh and the number of extra hours and construction that this man has put in is ridiculous!! If only I would’ve known I married such a handy man LOL! Edge Body Omaha is truly a family business and a labor of love. Rob has built numerous things for the gym and installed literally everything, so that I could focus on everything I needed to for my members. He has risen to the challenge again with the time and effort he has put in as we move into our new, larger space next door. (These lovely images are just a fragment of the work he has done). 

No, this isn’t meant to be a sappy love post to my husband. This is a spotlight post giving thanks to my support person. The person that helps me do what I do and helps take the load off so that I can show up everyday to give my 100%. Thanks to the person that has put in countless hours (of sometimes physcial labor I might add haha) so that the gym can be what I want it to be for all of you! Oh trust me, I’ve painted my fair share of walls and helped lay mats, but to have someone there doing it with you is the greatest thing ever. His efficiency keeps my creativity and vision on track…. even if I drive him crazy in the process. Thanks will never do it, but it’s a start!

Rob you rock!!

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