Take Aways From The Hip Power Clinic | Edge Body Boot Camp Omaha Exercise Technique Series

At Edge Body Omaha we are invested in teaching proper form and providing modifications for all fitness levels and injury limitations. We are often putting on free movement clinics for members, so everyone can continue to learn movement tips and stay on track to their goals and stay injury free while doing so! Hip power movements such as KB swings, box jumps and ball slams are great additions to a strength and conditioning routine. However, we always want to make sure these movements are done correctly to protect our lower backs and hip/knee joints etc. 

Here are the main take aways from our last clinic where we discuss Hip Power Movements back in April 2018:
1. Move well from the beginning! As soon as you pick a weight up from the ground, we should always be in proper form. The lift begins from the ground, so we want to make sure we are ready to go right from the start.
2. Work on strict hinge movements first. Focus on learning and perfecting the strict hinge movement as a foundation, before adding acceleration with hip power movements. 
3. Keep chest and shoulders slightly above hips. 
4. Drive hips upward total the ceiling versus moving hips outward (or forward).
5. Anytime you feel something not quite right, or in that lower back flag down one of the coaches at that moment. Don’t keep doing the movement when in pain or discomfort.

Check out the video above for more in-depth info if you missed our hip power clinic!! This is great for tips on improving your jumps, squats, deadlifts, kb swings and more!! 

Join us for our next educational clinic on Squatting & Hip Mobility coming up on Saturday, June 23, 2018! (10:30-11:30am)

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