The “I Missed Some Workouts” – At Home & On the Go Workout Series | Edge Body Boot Camp Omaha



It happens. You miss a class, or a workout. But sometimes things come up and we find ourselves out of the gym for a couple days etc. This is a great at-home workout to throw in if you know you can’t make the gym for a couple days. This one will hit a little of everything. 

2:00 of max effort burpees
8:00 min. AMRAP:
10 lemon squeezers
10 lunges 
10 lunge jumps
2:00 of max effort pushups
8:00 min. AMRAP:
10 hollow rocks
10 squats 
10 squat jumps
2:00 of max effort dips

Watch the quick video above for full workout and exercise descriptions and demonstrations!!!

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