Tips for “Spring Cleaning” your Health | Edge Body’s FAQ Series

It’s spring time!! (Well we live in Nebraska so it feels like “second winter”). But in no time at all there will be sunshine, buds on the trees and green grass. As the weather turns warmer, we often begin “spring cleaning” of many aspects of our life. So why not take a look at our health routine and see how we can clean things up or add to it to reach our goals!

Here are some great “spring cleaning” tips you can do for your health:
1. Clean out that Fridge and Pantry!! Make room for seasoning fruits and veggies and lean protein. Get rid of the processed food and anything that’s been sitting around all winter. Warm weather = time to grill and a great excuse to start incorporating some healthier alternatives into your meal plan.
2. Get outside!! Spring is a perfect time to get outside and add to your activity. Walk the dog, go for a family walk, or hop on a bike. Getting sunshine also increases Vitamin D which helps with mood. 🙂
3. Find a support system! Grab a partner or find a workout community that will help keep you accountable for your goals.
4. Sign-up for an activity event in your community! That’s right- try a 5k, a half marathon, or even a sprint triathlon. Signing up for a variety of activities keeps you from becoming bored and gives you new things to train for and helps with overall goal progression.

This can be a great time of year to re-evaluate your routine and spice things up to keep reaching towards your health and fitness goals. So take advantage of the nice weather and move a little more and cook a little healthier!

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