What to Expect in Your First Week @ Edge Body


We get questions all the time….

“What are the workouts like?”
“What if I haven’t been working out, can I do this?”
“Won’t this be too hard for me?”

These are common questions we hear often. Then there are a ton of people who may never try something because they simply don’t know what to expect. The truth is, that this is totally normal. It can be difficult for any of us to try something new, especially if we aren’t sure what to expect. 

So I’m here to help!! Watch the video above to see exactly what to expect in your first week at Edge Body participating in our strength and conditioning workouts. AND remember these 3 things:

  • Yes! You may not know what all the exercises or lifts are. But that is ok- we are here to teach you and stepping out of your comfort zone to learn something new is one of the best things you can do to really grow and reach your goals.
  • Yes! You may not know anyone on your first day. But we won’t leave you hanging. My coaches and I will be there to greet you and introduce you to other members. Oh and they are pretty awesome humans as well, so they will make you feel welcome and help you out any way they can. 
  • Yes! That first week (first couple weeks) you are going to feel sore. This is normal, especially if you haven’t been exercising prior to joining or if you have never done strength training. Keep in mind, that movement will help with soreness. So take a day or two off when needed, but keep coming back and the soreness will subside sooner than you think. 

Now let’s go lift!!!

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