What’s Your Why?

The alarm clock goes off. It reads 4:30am. It’s dark outside and it’s cold. But your bed feels so warm. But you get up and make it inot class because you know that you can’t come in that night. 

It’s hot out. No wait, it’s HUMID out. You’re super sweaty and that workout clock is about to beep  telling you that you have yet another stop sign run to do. Somehow you make it out the door and begin your trek down the hill. You make it back to complete another set of pushups… you survived! 

How did you do all these things? 

Maybe you’re the one struggling with these things and can’t seem to figure out how other’s are doing them.

As coaches, we know what you’re physically capabale of more so than you do at times. That’s our job! To know your level and how to give you that nudge in the right direction to push you… to support you. But it’s that “coach” inside your head that helps get you up in the morning. That allows you to give that extra bit of effort to finish a workout. To show up at the gym after a long vacation. To order veggies as your side dish at the restaurant. This “coach” should be positive and help remind you of your “why”. 

So many times it can be easier to hit the snooze button. Or to give up on those last few reps even with time left in a workout. It’s keeping that “why” in your focus that will allow you to be strong in those moments. I bet you’ve told yourself your “why” in the situations I mentioned above. I know I have. Sometimes you have to in order to keep going. 

So what’s your “why”? What drives you? Keeps you focused? What’s the reason you are dedicated to live a healthier life? Everyone’s “why” is different. What matters is that we all have one. If you can’t think of yours, you need to dig a little deeper. For when you truly find your “why”, you have found the will to stay dedicated towards your goals. 

So next time it’s a rough day at work and you can only think of going home, think instead of your “why” and allow it to help you make your way to the gym. What’s important to you… what’s driving you will help quiet down the other voices in your head. The other excuses that pop up that sound so appealing in the moment. 

So what’s your WHY???


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