Who Doesn’t Love Leg Day?- At Home & On the Go Workout Series

This workout is a great way to incorporate some leg and cardio exercises that require no equipment. (Or you can supply your own twist on “equipment” as you will see in the video!!)

Sometimes we just can’t make the gym. Or maybe you were sick for awhile and need a couple workouts to do at home before venturing back into class to see if you’re feeling like normal. Or maybe you ran into the same issue that I did as I was trying to video this workout. A cute, chatty 8 month old was not entertained just sitting and watching her mom from a distance. So what do you do??? Incorporate them into a workout. Then you can both be happy!! 

If you’re like me, getting in any workout each day is good for my sanity. It is usually my “me” time. But I also don’t like feeling guilty that I am not spending time with my child. So some days it can be great to put the two together. Especially the days that I didn’t get a chance to get my workout in during the day. Like many of our at home workouts, this one is perfect to do with a kid or the entire fam!

12 min. AMRAP: Peform as many rounds of the following as you can in 12 minutes:
-50 Bodyweight Squats
-25 Jumping Jacks
-50 Lunges (Total)
-25 Mt. Climbers (each leg)
-50 sec. Wall Sit
-25 Squat Jumps

Watch the above video for full exercise demonstrations. Have more time for a workout?? Add time to this AMRAP for an added challenge.)

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