Embracing Change: Why Health Goals Evolve Post 35, and Why That’s Perfectly Okay

Ok, yes, we do have members who workout at Edge Body Boot Camp Omaha, who are under 35, but we are passionate about helping someone lift and continue to improve their fitness, as they age. Life is a journey that brings with it a multitude of changes, and one of the most transformative periods occurs when we cross the threshold of 35 years. At this point, our bodies have undergone several shifts, and our priorities begin to shift too. Particularly, our health goals undergo a metamorphosis that might surprise us. While change can be daunting, it’s important to understand that evolving health goals post-35 are not only natural but also a sign of wisdom and self-awareness.

  1. Changing Metabolism and Lifestyle: One of the most significant factors contributing to the evolution of health goals after 35 is the slowing down of metabolism. While the metabolism decline is a normal part of aging, it means that we can no longer rely on the same eating habits and exercise routines that worked like a charm in our 20s. This shift prompts us to reassess our eating patterns and fitness routines to accommodate our changing bodies and energy levels. Lift those weights people!! Regular strength training is an excellent way to boost testosterone (which we ALL need) and helps to boost metabolism as well.
  2. Prioritizing Long-Term Wellbeing: As we mature, we tend to shift our focus from short- term appearance-based goals to long-term wellbeing. The desire for that “perfect beach body” may start to give way to a greater emphasis on overall health, disease prevention, and quality of life. Goals may shift from trying to fit into a certain size to maintaining a strong heart, healthy bones, and a clear mind. AND guess what, this is when the rest of
    your life begins. We can still transform the way our bodies look, but focusing on the health side of things helps us stick with things longer thus having a better chance of reaching those weight loss goals.
  3. Embracing Holistic Wellness: Past the age of 35, we become more attuned to the interconnectedness of our physical, mental, and emotional health. Stressors from work, family, and daily life become more pronounced, pushing us to prioritize stress management, mindfulness, and self-care. Holistic health goals encompass not just the body, but also the mind and soul. So get some stress out at the gym before you head home from work!
  4. Focus on Preventive Measures: Reaching 35 often marks the time when we start thinking about preventing health issues rather than merely addressing them when they arise. Regular health check-ups, screenings, and lifestyle adjustments become integral parts of our health goals. The emphasis shifts from reactive care to proactive care, which is where the gym comes in. Plus, coming into group classes at Edge Body provides you a coach who can help you focus on the correct form and technique to keep you moving well and pain free.
  5. Adapting to Life Phases: The late 30s and beyond often come with significant life changes such as parenthood or shifting career priorities. These milestones necessitate adjustments in our health goals. Parenting might lead to a focus on maintaining energy levels to keep up with kids, while career changes might require us to find ways to manage stress more effectively. You may also find out that you don’t want to spend as much time in the gym as you used to once your goals and priorities shift a little. So learning ways to maximize your time in the gym is key! This is why Edge Body combines strength training and cardio in the hour class.
  6. Redefining Self-Image: The concept of self-image evolves over time. Instead of seeking external validation or conforming to societal ideals, we tend to develop a stronger sense of self and body confidence. This transformation encourages us to pursue health goals that align with our personal values and inner aspirations. Strong is the new skinny. There is nothing better than when someone pushes themselves to celebrate what their body can do and not just try and make it disappear.
  7. Embracing Realistic Expectations: With experience comes the wisdom to set achievable and sustainable health goals. Unrealistic expectations often give way to a pragmatic approach to health. We learn to appreciate progress over perfection, understanding that small, consistent changes yield significant results over time. SO finding a community of like-minded people is perfect for the social support to keep you going long-term.

As we journey beyond 35, it’s crucial to remember that our bodies and priorities are in a constant state of evolution. Embracing change and adjusting our health goals to align with our current life stage is not just acceptable, but commendable. This phase of life offers us the opportunity to redefine what wellness means to us, and to cultivate a harmonious balance between physical health, mental clarity, and emotional resilience. So, let’s welcome these changes with open arms, knowing that adapting our health goals is a testament to our growth,
wisdom, and our commitment to nurturing ourselves in the best possible way. Your gym should reflect shifts in your health goals and help you ditch the trendy fitness fads and toxic diet culture. No more quick fixes, it’s time to focus on meaningful long-term health and fitness solutions. Schedule your FREE trial with a coach at Edge Body Boot Camp Omaha today!!